About Adon-jewelry

ADON was born in 2012 with a dream to present a unique collection of accessories made of natural color stones to fellow jewelry lovers. Each item in ADON’s portfolio is handpicked by our certified gemologist, who travels extensively to trade fairs and local markets in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Hungary, the U.S. and beyond to uncover the hidden treasures in the industry. As a result, most of ADON’s products have one-and-only-one stock and won’t be replicated anymore.

Each piece of jewelry is a unique handmade creature. Due to the natural quality of gemstones, stones may differ slightly in shape, color, clarity or finishing. But this is exactly the aspect that ensures each piece will be unique and special as nature has intended.

Our exclusive resale agreement with U.S.-based jewelry expert Stauer also opens us to its wide range of luxury products. Leveraging on our well-established connections with worldwide manufacturers and suppliers, we are excited to offer you beautifully crafted jewelries at the best quality and prices.

Products made of natural stones, such as amethyst, emerald, pearl, ruby and sapphire...etc. take up about 90 percent of ADON's portfolio. At the same time, we also selectively include some uniquely-designed stones created at laboratories to our customers.